85 Outdoor Activities For Fun, Leisure,and Adventure in 2023

Many of us love to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s with family or friends – or even completely by ourselves.

We’ve compiled a list of 85 outdoor activities to help you get out the house and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

I bet there are at least a dozen outdoor activities on our list that you probably have never heard of – let’s get started!

What are 85 Outdoor Activities For Fun, Leisure and Adventure?

We’ve divided our list into 4 main categories: land activities, water activities, air activities, and winter activities.

Let’s first begin though, with the 5 most popular outdoor activities to date:

1.Running/Jogging/Trail Running

This is still the number one most popular outdoor activity enjoyed by most people. Grab your running shoes and get going!

2. Hiking

Over 40 million people go hiking each year

3. Fishing ( Freshwater, Saltwater, or Fly Fishing)

4. Mountain Biking

5. RV Camping

People will always enjoy camping because it gives us an intense feeling of freedom and being close to nature. So get your camping gear, and get out there!

Now that we’ve covered the 5 most popular outdoor activities, we’ll divide the rest of our list between land, water, air, and winter outdoor activities.

Land Outdoor Activities

6. Wildlife Parks/Zoos

7. Archery

Archery is considered to be one of the oldest sports in the world.

8. Softball/Baseball

9. Basketball

10. Football

11. Unicycling – 

Did you know that about a million people in the U.S know how to ride a unicycle?

12. Tug of War  

I absolutely loved tug of war as a child,who didn’t? Even adults love it….you can grab a 20ft tug of war rope from Amazon for about $20, so all you need are 6-10 people and it’s game on!


With all the trampoline parks popping up in the last decade, it’s easy to see that kids love it. You can throw one up in the backyard and have a ball – just be careful.

14. Badminton

15. Bicycle Polo  

It’s just as it sounds. Bikes are used instead of horses

16. Air Sphering/ Zorbing 

Floating inside of a large inflatable ball while rolling down a hill

17. Water Fights

18. Volleyball

19. Tree Climbing

20. Watch Sunrise/Sunset 

One of the most beautiful sunsets I ever saw was while relaxing at Panama City Beach. 

21. Skateboarding

22. Inline Skating

23. Concerts/Festivals

24. Dodgeball

25. Cycling

26. Fruit Picking 

This is something most families never think about, but you can easily find a fruit picking farm in your area

27. Gardening

28. Skeet Shooting

29. Theme Parks 

30. Rock Climbing

31. Quad Biking 

Easy to learn to drive and offer a unique way to explore your surroundings

32. Picnics

33. Paintball

34. Outdoor Photography

Most people enjoy nature photography for recreation

35. Go kart

36. Horseback Riding

37. Land Sailing 

38. Lacrosse

39. Outdoor Laser Tag

Talk about fun! It can be a family affair or with a group of friends

40. Roller Hockey

41. Dirt Bike

42. Mountain Boarding

43. Golf/Miniature Golf

44. Carnivals/Fairs 

Funnel cake anyone? It’s funny though, the older you get – it becomes less about the rides and more about the food!


Now, let’s turn our attention to Outdoor Water Activities!


47. Sailing

48. Windsurfing

49. Jet Ski

50. Yacht Charters

51. Kayaking  

Kayaking can be a solo or group activity, and it’s a great way to connect with friends and family while enjoying the great outdoors.

52. Banana Rides

53. Fishing

54. Body Boarding  

Also known as a boogie board, kind of like surfing – just not standing

55. Scuba Diving

56. Stand Up Paddle Board

57. Canoeing

58. Kite Surfing

59. Water Parks

60. Water Jet Pack

61. Knee Boarding

62. Whale Watching

When’s the last time you’ve seen a 44 foot long, 33 ton whale up close?

63. Whitewater Rafting

64. Parasailing

Now let’s take it to the sky! Here are some outdoor activities if you want to go airborne!

65. Skydiving

66. Paragliding

67. Hang Glide

68. Bungee Jumping

69. BASE Jumping

70. Helicopter Flights

71. Indoor Skydiving 

72. Hot Air Balloon Rides

73. Power Kiting

74. Model Airplanes

Here are some Winter Outdoor Activities:

75. Skiing

76. Ice Hockey

77. Snow Mobile

78. Snowball Fights

Who says that you have to spend money? Hit the front/backyard and get it on!

79. Ice Skating

80. Sledding

81. Snowboarding

82. Ice Fishing

83. Snowblading

84. Snowshoeing

85. Sleigh Ride

So there you have our list of 85 outdoor activities for fun, leisure, and adventure in 2023. Were there at least a dozen that you never heard of before?

Get out there and enjoy what this beautiful planet has to offer!

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